2017 Convention Wrap Up

Dear Friends, Suppliers and Supporters of Chesapeake Marine Canvas Fabricators Association,

Thank you for your time and financial contributions that helped make this year’s 31th Annual Convention one of the most talked about events in our recent history.  The weekend’s venue, menu and outings received overwhelming positive feedback from our attendees—both fabricators and suppliers.  And, none of this would have been possible without your generosity.

Your donations ensured every attendee received a convention tote filled with useful tools, samples and information about your products and services to our industry.  Not only that, but EVERY attendee received door prizes and gifts for their participation in the convention.  The cocktail reception and game night were a blast and allowed everyone the chance to form deeper relationships with your company and each other, working together in the region.

The positive buzz created by this convention will be our springboard to grow into the future.  Even with this year’s unforeseen scheduling problems with the other hotel, we believe that the convention still turned out fantastic.  The association was impressed with how many new and old Fabricators have joined and returned to the group.

We welcome your ideas to improve in 2017 and for the 32nd Annual Convention in 2018.  But for right now, we want to thank you again for everything you’ve done to make CMCFA and our convention a success.

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