Cover and Cushion Is A New Marine Canvas and Upholstery Forum and Gathering Place On The Web

For anyone interested in the always-impressive investigation into what other fabricators are doing across the country and around the world there is a relatively new site online where more and more fabricators are gathering to share, teach, learn, gawk, and generally interact with one another.

Cover and Cushion was organized by a core group of fabricators and has really taken off. They have even taken on a few industry sponsors and I’m sure they are looking for more for any distributor or manufacturer who would like a bit of exposure to an extremely targeted audience!

If you have taken part in any or many of the LinkedIn groups that have formed around our industry (Including This One as well as our very own CMCFA Group) then you will probably recognize many of the names of especially the more active forum participants. And even if you haven’t it’s worth a read through a few of the threads that have developed, some of these topics are incredibly educational even just from the perspective of getting your mind outside of what you normally (or always) do and have done. It’s funny how reading through some of these threads the main point might not grab your interest but something that gets mentioned along the way might give you an idea that sparks a more efficient plan of attack for even the most mundane canvas or upholstery task.

Along with those who are sharing expertise there are plenty more who are lurking and reading and I’m sure will begin to post once they are more comfortable with the format. Come on over and check it out. You can even submit some pictures of your work and get featured on the front page with a link to your site. Not to mention that sometimes there are just some nice conversations with folks who are doing the same type of work that we all pride ourselves on.

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