How Do I Setup a Dropbox or Account In Order to Easily Submit Large Files for the Website

Since this website will benefit greatly from the contributions submitted by members of our association I thought it might behoove us to go over the process by which larger files may be most easily shared/submitted.  This has a very useful application in submitting content for this blog/website but one may also find it useful when dealing with clients/colleagues/etc. if it is not in use at your place of business quite yet.

The two services that I would like to mention are both built on a “Free-mium” model which means that for many of the features (and easily for all of the features necessary in this use case) the service is 100% free but they offer premium features for a fee or subscription price.  As I said, all we need is the free service, so your investment in this will be one of time only.

The idea here is to circumvent the barriers of attachment size limits on email, both as a sender and receiver.  The easiest way to do this is to upload your files to a locker “in the cloud” from which you can provide a private link for the other party to view/download the file.

First up, Dropbox!

If you’re comfortable with most web services then skip the videos and just go right on over to, for everyone else here are some helpful videos:

This video tutorial walks you through the steps involved in setting up Dropbox.

This video shows some basic functions of Dropbox, including the all important “Share” feature.

And finally, a quick video about sending a link to multiple files in your Dropbox account.  Very handy for submitting new content to!

And now onto!

An informative video about how to share files using

If you already have SkyDrive, G Drive or another cloud storage locker which allows easy sharing please feel free to use whatever product you are most comfortable with.  If you don’t know how to use your SkyDrive (or other service) to share files just go to and search for “How to share a file using (Your Cloud Service Here)” and you should find some informative options.

Not only do we want your photos and text to fill out your business listing page but we also need blog content, photos of recent projects, press releases, new product announcements, notice of awards that you may have won, announcements of other accomplishments, and general CMCFA news!

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